Coping with depression and anxiety

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The Ambitionist has teamed up with the wonderful Naked Fashions to talk mental health. Naked Fashions was created in 2012 by Lauren Johnstone. For more information drop her a line at

Dealing with stress & anxiety

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If you suffer from bouts of overwhelming stress and anxiety you are not alone. Many of us know what it is feels like to be overtaken by worry, from fear of losing your job, financial concerns, relationship woes or just everything and nothing at the wrong time, however if anxiety is not controlled it can begin to take over your life and that’s when it becomes less of a nuisance and more of a mental concern that can escalate and even effect your physical wellbeing.

Empathy in a digital world

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Being empathetic in a digital world can be challenging.

Never before have we been so connected to the world around us. Social media, 24/7 news reporting and the proliferation of portable technology means that we have access to whomever and wherever we choose at the touch of a button. While on the surface this should cultivate more empathy, it does in fact breed apathy and indifference. We’ve become so saturated with the despair, heartache and terror of others that it’s hard to empathise with their situations, no matter how grave or inhumane they may seem. I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all been guilty of glancing at a devastating photograph or hearing a dreadful news story, only to simply continue to go about our day. This lack of empathy or ‘compassion fatigue’ is not a new phenomenon but it’s certainly one that’s becoming more prevalent in our fast-paced, ever-connected society.

Does social media prevent true happiness?

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I am a 26-year-old editor working in London, one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities. Before this I lived in San Diego for two years following a career path I love. Born in Norwich, England, I went to a Mallory Towers-esque school for girls, before moving to Leeds for university. I have known for a very long time that I want to be a writer and unlike many of my peers I have not struggled with unemployment. After university I went traveling with two of my closest friends through South America and landed a job as a staff writer about a week or two after getting home. I worked my way through the company and last year was awarded a promotion and subsequent relocation to California. Did I mention that I have a wonderful boyfriend and a fantastic group of friends? It sounds pretty good doesn’t it, so why I am often so crippled by anxiety and self doubt?