Mantras to live by in 2019

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I’ve written before about why I no longer set New Year’s resolutions but as I grow as a woman, friend, partner and family member I believe it’s important to consider small changes to help you live the life you want. There is no rule stating change can only happen at the beginning of a new year, however the 1st January seems like a good time to re-evaluate what’s important and re-set your goals to inspire positive change and personal growth in the year ahead.

So, without further ado, my three mantras for 2019…

Actions speak louder than words

I’m an obsessive planner. My Evernote account is chock-a-block with diet plans, exercise routines, monthly budgets, you name it, but I’ll be the first to admit that planning isn’t the same as doing and often those plans fail to materialise. I’m terribly guilty of mistaking the contented feeling of having a plan, for action to reach the desired outcome. So, less planning more doing.

Rather than pore over endless diet plans, sign up for hundreds of exercise apps, or create spreadsheet after spreadsheet of budgets that I’ll never stick to, I’m going to apply consistency, remember what is important and act ‘now’ rather than ‘tomorrow’, and ignore distractions in favour of ‘just doing it’.

Be here now

I suppose this goal is an extension of the one before. My ambition for 2019 is to live in the now and be present. From appreciating the little things in life; a fresh morning coffee, a compliment at work, a beautiful sunrise, a good book, to facing challenges head on and dealing with them in the present rather than dwelling on the past or projecting fears into the future.

Another reason for embracing the ‘now’ is to enjoy every stage of life and not allow it to pass you by. Dreaming of the life you may one day have means that you’re forgoing the life you’ve created up until this point. It’s important to have ambitions, drivers and goals but by living in the present you can also take action to make those goals a reality rather than rely on the passing of time to make them come true. The only time we have is now.

Effort is attractive

When I look better, I feel better. When I work hard, I feel better. When I push my boundaries, I feel better. When I help other people, or be a good friend… you guessed it. Effort is attractive and helps you be the best version of yourself. From getting up an hour earlier to do your hair and make-up, to making yourself go for a run even though it’s the last thing you want to do. From meeting a pal in need and going out of your way to make their day a bit better to meeting that deadline at work even though you’d rather watch Luther (again!). Pushing yourself and making an effort is empowering.

So, act now, live in the present, and put the effort in and 2019 could shape up to be the best one yet.

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