A daily digital detox could improve your wellbeing and that of your family

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We’re a nation of technology lovers. You’re in a very small minority if you don’t own a smartphone or engage with social media on a regular basis. Most of us would probably deny a reliance on technology, but leave your mobile at home and you suddenly realise how many times you reach for your absent device. We’re obsessed.

Technology certainly isn’t all bad and whether we like it or not, it’s here to stay. From medical breakthroughs, to expanded learning in schools, and heightened personal safety (not to mention greater social interaction), technology has it’s part to play in our ever changing world. That said, with increased convenience comes greater reliance, which means that many of us are never switching off.

Many of us look at phones last thing at night and first thing in the morning without even realising it’s a habit. Many of us don’t realise that while we are watching our favourite TV shows we are also perusing our phones and missing something we actually wanted to watch. We are so busy filming what we are doing or taking photos to post online that we are missing what is actually going on in the hear and now.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do any of those things but I am saying that sometimes we need to take a break. The idea of switching your gadgets off may scare you, however you’ll soon realise how nice it is to appreciate the world around you.

Next time you go for a walk or for a coffee with a friend why not leave your phone at home? Or at the very least switch it off if you feel you can’t leave it behind in case of an emergency. When watching something on TV why not leave your phone in another room so you’re not distracted.

Why not have a rule for everyone that after 6pm all phones and any other devices are switched off until the morning so you can have a couple of hours family time before bed? After all it is important for everyone to relax and have some down time at the end of the day no matter how busy you are.

Read that book you have been planning on reading for ages. Watch films together as a family. Take time to have a proper home cooked dinner together and chat about your days. Go for walks together or family trips out like bowling and vow to leave phones in the car.

If you have children who live on their phones they will protest at first but soon they will get used to it and actually realise they enjoy time away from a screen. It will also teach them the importance of taking time away from their devices, lower their chances of screen addiction in later life and improve their social skills.

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