Could a weekly ‘brain dump’ day improve your productivity & overall wellbeing?

I find that on a daily basis my head is filled with ‘white noise’.

While doing one job I am thinking about another, bills that need paying, things that needs cleaning or deadlines that need meeting.

My thoughts often run away with me. I have a hugely overactive imagination and while these days I embrace that and use it to my advantage with my work, in the past it has hindered me quite a lot.

I find myself trying to keep multiple spinning plates in the air on a daily basis as my thought process leads me to starting multiple jobs at once (think emptying the dishwasher while putting a wash on, wiping down the oven and making breakfast). Ultimately I end up stressed, unproductive, and overwhelmed.

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The art of self-love and measuring your own worth

I was sent a quote from my friend last year and while there are many inspirational quotes floating around on the internet these days, this one stuck. I remember reading it and the instant impact it had.

This simple little quote made me realise that the way you feel about yourself and the way you present yourself to the world has a major impact on how people see you, treat you and even feel about you.

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A daily digital detox could improve your wellbeing and that of your family

We’re a nation of technology lovers. You’re in a very small minority if you don’t own a smartphone or engage with social media on a regular basis. Most of us would probably deny a reliance on technology, but leave your mobile at home and you suddenly realise how many times you reach for your absent device. We’re obsessed.

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Tips & tricks for sticking to your goals

I’m don’t tend to make new year’s resolutions. Not because I don’t see their value and not because I’m sceptical about being able to keep them… I just don’t make them.

This year was no exception; I didn’t enter into January was a list of hard and fast resolutions, however recently I’ve vowed to set myself small goals throughout the year governed by an overarching aim; to be happy and try my best.

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What a happiness jar can teach us about resilience, hope & gratitude

At the end of 2016 my mother-in-law suggested I start a ‘happiness jar’ and it’s one of the best resolutions I’ve ever made.

The principle is simple – it’s an effective way to remind yourself about all the good things in life, which can so easily be forgotten about when you’re thrown a curveball. In 2017 my husband and I experienced perhaps the toughest year in our decade long relationship, and our ‘happiness jar’ taught us a lot about resilience, hope, and gratitude.

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Things I’ve learnt by writing a gratitude journal

I started writing a gratitude journal about a year ago and the process has had a truly positive influence on my life. Gratitude is nothing new, of course, but until I made the conscious decision to think about and acknowledge the things I was grateful for, these little gems of positivity used to go unnoticed.

So often we get swept along by the daily grind and forget what we hold most dear. Writing a gratitude journal refocuses your attention; it allows you to shut out the noise and realise what motivates you, what makes you happy, and what is truly important.

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