How to find yourself upon returning to work after maternity leave


Three weeks ago I returned to work. This was the first time I saw anyone other than family or friends for the past eight months and to make matters worse, I was starting a new job. I wondered how would I find the “new me” when venturing into the world of being a working mum.

Returning to work is difficult when you’ve spent several months with your baby. But it isn’t always missing your baby that’s hard, I found it more difficult transitioning into being “me.”

When you are used to singing nursery rhymes, playing with baby toys and talking in the high pitched patronising tone, having an adult conversation can be difficult. My only adult conversation consisted of telling Hubby to pick up more nappies or how Ben did the biggest poo or even discussing his latest milestone!

Over on my blog I wrote about my worries of returning to work but one major thing I couldn’t control was who I would be when I went back into the office. It was unchartered territory and I didn’t know who I was since becoming a mum. I just got my role as Ben’s mum perfected – how do I go about finding the “new me??”

It turns out I didn’t need to find myself, I was always there under all the layers of puke, dirty nappies and motherhood!

Now before Ben, girls at work would discuss eating healthy and diets and I wouldn’t have a clue. But now I’m all ears – I need to lose this mum weight! Also, before motherhood I was all about watching and talking about TV and guess what? I still am! With my latest love of Celebrity Big Brother I’m not stuck in the land of Paw Patrol and can chat to others about programmes they watch too.

One thing I love about being back at work is that I have managed to have three meals again. Anyone who has spent time at home with a baby knows how impossible it is to have something to eat, let alone at set meal times.

I now have a renewed love for weekends. I missed looking forward to a weekend. The need to go to town to get something as you’ve not been able to get whilst at work. But the best thing is that I still have a day off in the week so it feels like I only have a two day week.

So in answer to my question of how do you find the new you? The answer is – there isnt a new you. You are the same person you were before you fell pregnant, you just have an additional title of Mum to your name.

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