3 ways women can lift each other up (not tear each other down)

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Let’s face it…it’s a tough old world, and in my book, although women have come SO far (and there are so many good things about being a women these days) sometimes being a women is not all it’s cracked up to be. In my view, we are stuck in a strange no-man’s land of progress and the seeming inability for us to move any further forward.

There as so many reasons for this, but one that my mind always turns to is the fact that for the most part, we seem to be so shockingly bad at building each other up, at being each other’s champions, and more often than not, we seem to be more engaged with undermining each other.

And so to all of you reading this I say right here, right now, let’s put an end to this folly, and instead of putting each other down, let us instead lift each other up. And because I’m really all about lifting you all up, here are three lovely ways you can get busy with doing exactly that, from this moment on.

Be each other’s cheerleaders

You know what – there is enough negativity in this life, enough naysayers. Let’s not be that for each other as women. Let us be the ones swinging from the chandeliers saying “you can do it” in all it’s glory. If we really want to create the equal society we so desperately seem to be striving for, then we need to cheerlead each other. We need to make it known to each other that we are good enough. That we should seize the day, be ambitious and go for our goals and dreams. Because if we don’t cheerlead each other, nobody else will.

Be truthful with each other

You know what is not helpful to other women? When we all swan around with whatever mask we have chosen to wear that day pretending everything is rosy and perfect when the truth couldn’t be any further from it. I don’t mean we go and bash women over the head with a truth that will crush them, what I mean is – within your extended tribe – if things are not going well for you then don’t gloss over and say you’re ok when you’re not. If we are all going around dying on the inside and putting up pictures of ourselves seemingly “owning it” on Facebook and Instagram, then that is going to do nothing for the sisterhood, and will also leave the rest of us licking our wounds wondering why everyone seems to have their s*** together when we don’t.

By sharing and collaborating, not competing

Ladies – put that green eyed monster away in a box! This is not about grasping what little power you have and clutching it tightly to your breast so nobody else can have a piece of it. Media has already done a very good job at pitching us all against each other, so please, let’s not add to this sticky tangle of a mess by competing against each other. Instead let us use each other’s talents, let us build on each other’s achievements and let us create a win-win situation for every woman in our life. And remember, you get what you give in this life.

Now that you have some ideas on how to lift up other women (not tear them down), what do you plan on doing?

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