Ideas to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint

Lagom, The Ambitionist lifestyle

Lagom is the new Scandi trend sweeping the UK, giving hygge a run for its money. It’s centred on moderation; living life a little more frugally; and planning for the future. A loose translation of the Swedish word, lagom, is “not too little, not too much, just right.”

The concept of lagom includes financial planning and environmental awareness, so what better way to start living a more lagom lifestyle than by reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint?

Each year the price of electricity increases, however there are several things you can do to lower your energy bills at home. Here are a few tips for reducing your energy levels.

Turn off unnecessary lights

Get into the habit of turning off the lights when you leave a room. It sounds obvious, but turning off unnecessary lights can save you a considerable about of money each year. This includes lamps, landing lights, and kitchen hob spotlights too.

Use energy saving LED light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs may be inexpensive, but they have to be replaced more often. LED light bulbs have to be replaced less often, and the room will be brighter in comparison. Making the switch is a good investment.

Unplug your gadgets

How many appliances and gadgets do you have on standby at any one time? You may have turned the television off at night, but it’s still using energy and the same goes for plenty of other devices. Unplug all your appliances when you’re not using them and you’ll notice a decrease in your monthly energy bill. This will also be a valuable lesson in what devices you use the most.

Invest in energy efficient appliances

If you need to purchase a new appliance, if possible you should invest in energy efficient options. Most people use their dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer at least once a week. Energy efficient appliances might be more expensive than a regular appliance, but can significantly reduce your monthly electric bill.

Use your appliances less often

Even energy efficient white goods use a lot of energy. Try and limit the amount of times you run your washing machine, dish washer and tumble dryer. Don’t put on a wash cycle for one pair of jeans, hand wash your dishes when you have a small load (and if you do use the dish washer, turn off the heated drying option), and avoid using the tumble dryer and instead try clothes on an airer or on an outdoor washing line.

Use heating and air-con frugally

Set your heating to come on only when you’re in the house. If you’re at work all day then program the heating to come on about 30 minutes before you generally arrive home and switch it off in the middle of the night. The same goes for air conditioning; you should only use it on extremely hot days. When the weather is warm, open your windows. You can also turn on a fan which is a lot less expensive. You may have to turn on your air conditioner or heating when the weather is extremely hot or cold, but curtains can keep your home at a comfortable temperature most of the time.


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