65 things you should learn sooner rather than later

The Ambitionist lifestyle

From how to jump start a car to what makes you happy, we should all try and learn these important life skills.

  1. How to cook
  2. To manage your finances
  3. How to change a tyre
  4. Time management
  5. How to approach and meet new people
  6. To lift your own weight
  7. The art of negotiation
  8. A strategy for remembering peoples’ names
  9. How to spot a lie
  10. How to properly listen
  11. How to read a map (sat nav. not included)
  12. How to swim
  13. How to jump start a car
  14. What makes you happy
  15. How to create a website
  16. To trust your instinct
  17. To put yourself first
  18. To question the status quo
  19. Basic first aid
  20. Table etiquette
  21. How to care for an animal
  22. How to dress appropriately for the occasion
  23. How to give a toast in front of lots of people
  24. How to calm your nerves
  25. To manage a credit card
  26. How to manage your credit score
  27. How to get a good night’s sleep
  28. What your good at
  29. To be confident in your ability
  30. How to be a respectful house guest
  31. How to sew
  32. How to navigate a new place on your own
  33. How to research for a trip
  34. To drive a manual car
  35. How to give directions
  36. To drive on both sides of the road
  37. How to say ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I was wrong’ and ‘I made a mistake’
  38. How to ask for help
  39. How to show gratitude
  40. To parallel park
  41. How to be productive
  42. How to update your CV
  43. How to give a compliment
  44. To pick your battles
  45. How to control your temper
  46. What you enjoy
  47. To exercise your creative brain muscles
  48. How to handle your alcohol and when you’ve had enough
  49. How to cure a hangover
  50. What form of exercise you enjoy the most
  51. How to make yourself feel better
  52. How to meditate
  53. How to play to your strengths
  54. How to look after plants
  55. How to delegate
  56. How to manage other people
  57. How to ride a bike
  58. How to fix a bike puncture
  59. To realise when your being taken for a ride
  60. To be streetwise and aware of your surroundings
  61. How to make money
  62. When to say enough is enough
  63. How to walk away from toxic situations
  64. To love your body
  65. Self-respect

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