Lagom is the new hygge: How to embrace the latest Scandi trend

Lagom, The Ambitionist lifestyle

Lagom is predicted to be the latest Scandi trend we’ll all be raving about in 2017.

In 2016, we were all talking about hygge; the idea of nestling at home with a good book, hot chocolate and candles aplenty, however 2017 is set to be the year of more moderation.

In Swedish lagom means “not too little, not too much, just right” and is all about adopting a more balanced and frugal approach to living.

Here’s how you can start living a more lagom lifestyle.

Partake in damp January

Unlike dry January which is a flat out ban of alcohol, a lagom lifestyle is about moderation and therefore damp January (a restricted amount of alcohol) is much more appropriate. Plus, cutting down on alcohol consumption is also good for reducing the amount of money you’re spending; something every lagom lover should be doing.

Set yourself a budget

Lagom is all about being a little more frugal; it’s about saving your money for the future or for a good cause rather than splurging it on throw away clothing and decadent nights out. It’s about cutting your cloth accordingly, saving for the things that will add value to your life in the long term and giving back when you can.

Plan your meals

Planning your meals follows the principles of lagom in more ways than one. It prevents food waste, it stops you from wasting money on takeaways and unhealthy lunches, and it helps you stick to a healthy, moderate diet. Tick, tick and tick.

Consider how much water you’re using

We are really starting to sound like our fathers now, but lagom is all about less waste from an environmental and financial point of view. While a long bath may be one of the saving graces of winter, you may want to consider switching to a shower for the majority of the time. Don’t throw out your bubble bath yet though, lagom is about everything in moderation, so enjoy a bath as a treat every once in a while. And turn the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth… every little helps.

Invest in a clothes airer

As convenient as the tumble dryer is, it’s terrible for the environment and for your electricity bill. Where possible plan the clothes you need in advance and give yourself time to dry them on a clothes airer. In the spring let them flap in the breeze; they’ll smell better for it.

Turn your heating off at night

Set your thermostat to switch off just before you go to bed and to come on early in the morning. Having a few hours with the heating off is not only very lagom, but is also much better for getting a good night’s sleep.


2 thoughts on “Lagom is the new hygge: How to embrace the latest Scandi trend

  1. I seem to be already on my way to a lagom lifestyle! I am trying to only buy what I need, I already try not to be wasteful of food and water, never have the heating on when asleep and I’m trying not to spend for the sake of it 😊


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