Could your breakfast be killing you?

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Former Cambridge University lecturer, Terence Kealey, 64, believes that breakfast is a “dangerous meal” and hope that in 10 years’ time people will consider it as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

Many nutritionists believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however Kealey argues that skipping breakfast has helped to “effectively cure” him of Type 2 diabetes.

Speaking to Sunday Times food magazine ‘The Dish’ Kealey revealed he hasn’t eaten breakfast since 2008, which is the year he was diagnosed with diabetes.

Back then he was told by doctors that his disease was incurable and progressive; however this was something he wasn’t willing to accept. He bought a glucometer to test his blood-sugar levels and noticed a pattern – after he ate breakfast, his blood sugar levels would dramatically increase.

“At first I always ate breakfast, basing my meals on starchy foods,” he said. “My glucose levels spiked alarmingly, especially after eating breakfast. I was almost guaranteeing that I would kill myself from a heart attack or a stroke, as 80 percent of diabetics do.”

Kealey decided to stop eating breakfast and see how that affected his glucose levels. His experiment worked, as his blood-sugar dropped to within the normal range.

“Even after lunch and dinner, they didn’t rise anywhere near as high,” he added.

Kealey, who trained as a doctor and specialised in clinical biochemistry, has published a book about his findings called ‘Breakfast Is A Dangerous Meal’, which argues that we should avoid breakfast for the sake of our health and wellbeing. It also questions existing evidence that breakfast is good for health.

Kealey believes that since he began avoiding breakfast and fasting until lunchtime, he has “effectively cured” his diabetes.


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