LA duo mock Instagram’s ban on sexual imagery with feisty account


Chelsea Jones and Eva Sealove – both from Los Angeles, have set up a mischievous Instagram account to mock the social network’s ban on sexual imagery.

The social giant’s photo uploading policy has been criticised recently for its emphasis on censoring the female form. Last year the #freethenipple campaign took hold as many women, including celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, protested against Instagram for removing posts depicting female nipples, while leaving the male equivalent up.

Community guidelines state that no images or videos showing “sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks” are allowed. As of April, the site also banned “some photos of female nipples”.

Some Instagram accounts have taken to mocking the censorship, and even attempting to evade it; Genderless nipples (which posts photographs of nipples without disclosing the gender of the owner) and Stephanie Sarley, (whose sexually implicative images of fruits got her Instagram account shut down on several occasions) are just two of them.

Look at This Pusssy is the latest Instagram account to tackle this issue, by uploading images of regular, everyday objects that are shaped, in some way, to look like vaginas. Warning, some of these images could be perceived as NSFW.


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