9 things you should always have scheduled in your diary

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Dates you should always have lined up in your diary for a healthier, happier and more productive you.

  1. Date night: Date night can be with your boy (or girl) or even your best friend, but it’s basically an excuse to get dressed up, eat great food and drink plenty of wine – life doesn’t get much better than that, right? There is only one rule for date night, and that’s no phone allowed.
  1. Holiday: A holiday or a mini break is one of the most exciting things you can look forward to. From a weekend camping trip to a round the world vacay, every trip you take will make your life richer. So budget pending get some more breaks lined up in your diary.
  1. Gym session: While a gym session may not sound like the most exciting thing – it may actually sound quite unappealing – the prospect of getting fitter, healthier and even a little leaner is. Make sure you schedule time in your diary to get the blood pumping and if your will power is dwindling just think about all the energy you’ll have on your next skiing trip, or how good you’ll feel sitting on the beach in the summer.
  1. Girl’s night: Boys are great, but girls are better! Spending quality time with your best gal friends is so incredibly important and super fun. Tom really tries his hardest but he just doesn’t get Jo Malone candles, interior design and Kendal Jenner’s new lip colour like we do. Some of my favourite evenings are those spent sitting round a table with girl friends, sister or mum, drinking wine, listening to music and chatting.
  1. Me time: Never underestimate the importance of spending time in your own company. Schedule time in your diary for quality me time, just like you make time for your friends and family. Having a bath, going for a run or reading a book can help clear your head and make you feel completely refreshed.
  1. Lazy Sunday: Last week for the first time in as long as I can remember Tom and I had a really lazy Sunday and it was pure heaven. We didn’t have any plans and only left the house once to collect the Sunday papers. Sometimes you totally need a day to recuperate and do nothing but eat smoked salmon muffins and drink posh coffee while catching up on The Walking Dead.
  1. Hair appointment: For a scared hour you can sit in a chair, drink coffee and read a magazine while someone else pampers you. A new hair cut always makes me feel polished and smart, it gives me a new lease of life and a little confidence boost.
  1. Work event: It’s always good to have a professional engagement in your diary. From a conference to after work drinks its good to have open conversations with like-minded people. I find that talking about work inspires me to keep working hard and pursue my career.
  1. Meditation: I’m a recent convert to the power of meditation. Spending some time just listening to your own breathing is extremely calming and helps put life’s craziness in perspective. I love leading a chaotic, busy and fast paced lifestyle, but we all need a peace and quiet every now and then.

One thought on “9 things you should always have scheduled in your diary

  1. I miss date night – is very hard when your kids aren’t quite old enough to be home on their own at night. It is lovely to get dressed up & go out for nice food that someone else has cooked! I do get to the gym though, which I love. Great post!


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