29 things that will instantly make you feel good

The Ambitionist lifestyle

Never underestimate the power of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you’re looking to boost your mood, productivity or overall wellbeing these small things will make the world of difference.

  1. Lighting brand new Jo Malone, Diptyque or White Company candles because nothing is more uplifting than filling your home with luxurious scents of the Seychelles, Sea Salt and Wood Sage or Wild Fig and Cassis.
  2. Buying fresh flowers, especially if they come wrapped in brown paper and raffia.
  3. Someone else suggesting that you order take away. Because when it wasn’t your idea in the first place it’s almost like the calories don’t count.
  4. Making your bed with crisp white linen and then snuggling in with a magazine and a cup of tea.
  5. Having a hot shower and getting into matching PJs after being outside in the rain or snow.
  6. Adding berries to prosecco.
  7. Pouring a glass of red wine and listening to your favourite chill out tune when you get in from work.
  8. When your boyfriend gives you a super romantic wink in a crowded room.
  9. Sitting in front of a fire with a good book.
  10. Eventually getting around to framing that print or photograph that’s been in a drawer for literally a year and a half. Bonus points if you manage to actually hang it on the wall.
  11. Watching your fashionable little succulents and cacti grow and live for a seriously long time because they’re just such low maintenance and won’t show up your terrible flowermanship.
  12. Using your leftovers to make a delicious and healthy meal.
  13. Going on an online shopping binge, ASOS we love you.
  14. Organising your wardrobe so that you feel like a mini version of Carrie Bradshaw.
  15. Waking up on a Saturday morning and for a split second forgetting that it’s a weekend. Ah lie in.
  16. Crème Brule.
  17. When you’re on a diet and someone offers you a slice of cake and in that moment you have all the will power in the world and smugly decline.
  18. Smiles from a stranger.
  19. Realising that a new series of your favourite crime drama has just been released on Netflix.
  20. New stationary, preferably personalised.
  21. Making a delicious green smoothie and feeling just a little bit that you’re channeling your inner Gwyneth Paltrow.
  22. Booking flights for a holiday or mini break.
  23. Getting to a hotel and putting on their robes and white slippers.
  24. Moisturising your skin.
  25. Ordering a take out coffee and realising that your nails are on point and totally Instagram worthy.
  26. Spooning.
  27. Buying a new bottle of your signature scent.
  28. Waking up and realising that you’re having a seriously good hair day.
  29. Chunky knits.

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