50 rules to live by as a modern woman

The Ambitionist lifestyle

From being spontaneous to learning to meditate, The Ambitionist shares 50 rules to live by as a modern woman.

  1. Stop following fashion trends that don’t suit you. Stick to a classic, elegant style.
  2. Take pride in your appearance, but don’t let having no make-up on stop you from enjoying a spontaneous night out.
  3. Enjoy a glass of wine (or three) but know how to handle your poison.
  4. Keep abreast of the latest news.
  5. Don’t bitch, stay out of drama.
  6. Don’t criticise other women, concentrate on living your own life.
  7. Let your hair down.
  8. Be genuine.
  9. Don’t sell yourself short to please other people.
  10. Treat yourself to nice wine and cheese. They are two of lives great pleasures.
  11. Be a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets.
  12. Find a man that appreciates you for who you are.
  13. Don’t change who you are for anybody.
  14. Be spontaneous.
  15. Let your guard down.
  16. Laugh.
  17. Modesty is a wonderful quality.
  18. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  19. Be kind.
  20. Wear leather gloves in the winter.
  21. Go bare foot in the summer.
  22. Try new things.
  23. Don’t let fear stop you from experiencing new places.
  24. Own a pair of expensive cashmere socks.
  25. Go on a winter holiday with friends to a cottage in the countryside. Drink too much red wine.
  26. Play monopoly into the early hours of the morning.
  27. Take more photographs.
  28. Read more books.
  29. Love someone with all your heart.
  30. Be faithful.
  31. Pay your half of the bill.
  32. Take control of your diet and stay active.
  33. Think about right now. How you are behaving right now, what you are eating right now, what you are saying right now.
  34. Take a joke as its intended.
  35. Never make others feel small.
  36. Be a good daughter, sister, mother.
  37. Get stuck in, don’t sit on the side lines and wait for it to happen.
  38. Listen to the person talking to you; don’t strain to hear another conversation.
  39. Treat others how you would want to be treated.
  40. Face things head on.
  41. Speak for yourself.
  42. Have your own opinions, but be willing to listen to others.
  43. Follow your heart.
  44. Find your signature scent.
  45. Take pride in your home.
  46. Don’t be possessive or jealous; both are ugly qualities.
  47. Listen to different genres of music.
  48. Look after your skin.
  49. Live a simple life.
  50. The world doesn’t owe you a favour; make your own destiny.

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