50 things every woman should do before she’s 30

The Ambitionist lifestyle
  1. Go traveling with friends
  2. Go on a romantic city break
  3. Sort out your finances
  4. Get caught in a rainstorm
  5. Write a diary
  6. Go to a music festival
  7. Learn to cook
  8. Go on a road trip
  9. Go skinny-dipping
  10. Make mistakes
  11. Own a cool vintage car
  12. Learn to love your body
  13. Learn to walk in heels
  14. Make love outside
  15. Have a one-night stand
  16. Stand up for something you believe in
  17. Fall for a friend
  18. Have dinner at a restaurant on your own
  19. Focus on your career
  20. Do something that scares you
  21. Confide in a friend
  22. Sleep on the beach
  23. Be a shoulder to cry on
  24. Get really drunk
  25. Live in a different country
  26. Send a letter
  27. Love someone unconditionally
  28. Treat yourself to an expensive item of clothing
  29. Forgive someone close to you
  30. Own a bicycle
  31. Read a classic novel
  32. Sleep under the stars
  33. Kiss the guy
  34. Learn a new language
  35. Take art classes
  36. Do something spontaneous
  37. Listen to jazz
  38. Follow your heart
  39. Visit an art gallery
  40. Party all night
  41. Go for an eye-wateringly expensive meal
  42. Go for high tea
  43. Dye your hair
  44. Learn to meditate
  45. Own a camera
  46. Find your signature scent
  47. Volunteer
  48. Travel with the man you love
  49. Discover who you really are
  50. Learn to love yourself




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