Why I’m giving up New Year’s resolutions

The Ambitionist lifestyle

My New Year’s resolution this year is to stop making them. Every January I make the same promises to myself and within a week they’re irrelevant, forgotten or broken. In the past I’ve set resolutions that are ambitious at best and unachievable at worst and by day 5 I feel deflated, frustrated and down-trodden.

This year I’m doing things differently and I’m confident that 2016 is going a year of positive change. My ‘resolutions’ remain largely the same, however I’m viewing them as new lifestyle choices, goals and ambitions rather than singular resolves that once broken cannot be restored.

My new lifestyle choices have been influenced and inspired by a number of things. The first being a hypnotherapy session I went to in December. Initially I sought the help of a therapist to help me lose weight however it’s grown into something more substantial and life changing. She introduced me to the idea of mindfulness. First the discussion centred on mindful eating but since I’ve begun applying the same principles to my everyday lifestyle and it’s had a really positive effect on my mental and physical wellbeing. The second influence is that of my new personal trainer. 2016 is going to be about less talking and more doing, and where better to start than with an intensive 12 week training program to kick me into touch and set me up for a successful and happy year?

Being healthier and more mindful helps me feel in control of my life and therefore able to strive for the more exciting and influential goals and ambitions I’ve laid out for myself. Those goals are to start my own business, gain greater control of my finances and save money, and embark on more adventures. I’m throwing out tired resolutions of losing weight, going to the gym and drinking less in favour of vowing to live a healthier lifestyle of which those are part and parcel. When the pressure is off, suddenly a healthy and happy lifestyle seems achievable.

So, not resolutions but goals and a change of mind set!

In the last couple of months I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I’ve invested in my own wellbeing and as a result I feel stronger. My mantra for 2016 is this. You are what you read, eat, do and believe. You can change any one of those things in a heartbeat so don’t be limited by what you’ve achieved so far. Your thoughts are not who you are, they are just thoughts; listen to them, learn from them and critique them like you would other influences in your life. Live in the present moment and enjoy the simpler pleasures life has to offer as well as the more momentous ones. Cherish ambition, pursue what’s important, and be mindful.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.

Abby x

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