What makes power couples so successful?

At this year’s Grammy’s Beyoncé and Jay Z stole the show with their heated rendition of Drunk in Love. But it wasn’t Beyoncé’s smoking hot bondage inspired outfit or even the racy lyrics… Continue reading

Interview with The Curvy Fashionista Marie Denee

Founder of The Curvy Fashionista, Marie Denee talks plus size fashion, industry expectations and what it means for her blog to be turning five this year.  Five years ago Marie Denee began The… Continue reading

Time to start your New You Resolution

I am a list writer. I write lists at the beginning of my workday and before I go to bed; I write shopping lists, bucket lists, to-do lists, to-achieve lists, to-be lists… the… Continue reading

Ways to cope with stress and anxiety

Follow @thambitionist If you suffer from bouts of overwhelming stress and anxiety you are not alone. Many of us know what it is feels like to be overtaken by worry, from fear of… Continue reading

13 traits of successful women

1. They don’t play the equality card Have you ever heard Marissa Mayer winging about the fact she is female? Women who are destined to make it big in business don’t find being… Continue reading

50 things every woman should do before 30

Go traveling with friends. Go on a romantic city break. Sort out your finances. Get caught in a rainstorm. Write a diary. Go to a music festival. Learn to cook. Go on a… Continue reading

Miley Cyrus: No such thing as bad publicity

Let’s talk Miley Cyrus. Bear with me. Love her or hate her you know about her and her outlandish antics, whether its twerking against Robin Thicke at the VMAs, straddling a wrecking ball… Continue reading

Achieving success in business as a woman

There are more and more women taking seats at boardroom tables today than ever before and young women have the likes of Marissa Mayer, CEO at Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook… Continue reading

Bib + Tuck: The only way to update your closet

Since leaving university and living with four other women, I feel as though my closet has shrunk to a fifth of its former self. Wah Wah. Being on tight student budgets with jam… Continue reading

The official guide to being a woman

Stop following fashion trends that don’t suit you. Stick to a classic, elegant style. Take pride in your appearance, but don’t let having no make-up on stop you from enjoying a spontaneous night… Continue reading